Everyone Gave Up On This Cat But One Woman Decided To Save Him. One Month After The Rescue…

This kind woman decided to save a three-month old kitten and offer him a second chance to life! He’s Titus the one-eyed cat!

Credit: Kaitlyn Roy

When he was rescued, Titus was 14 ounces had a protruding eye, a respiratory infection and was malnourished.

He was set to be euthanized. Fortunately, Holly Wise from Union, South Carolina decided to start a funds raising campaign to have him treated.

She knew he will lose his eye and will have to be surgically removed.

Credit: Kaitlyn Roy

Paws Up Rescue and Resources (PURR) found him a house after the difficult surgery.

Credit: Kaitlyn Roy

Titus made an amazing recovery.

“He now eats all that his little heart desire and is a healthy weight! If you spend time with him when he is in a quiet area, he climbs and rubs all over you.”

Credit: Kaitlyn Roy

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