Every Time This Video Is Viewed, A Shelter Earns One Pound Of Dog Food! Well Done!

Well, here’s an amazing video with an absolutely awesome cause behind it! SoulPancake along with Puppy Chow have teamed up to create this wonderful video. In it, average, everyday people in places such as the gym, retirement homes and preschools are suddenly surprised when a group of puppies arrives.

All at once, these places of mundane tasks and chores become something more, something magical! Everyone seems completely delighted to see the tiny dogs entering the room, and the love that shows on each face is palpable.

Now, the video itself is wonderful, however do you know what makes it even better? Well, each and every time this video is viewed, Puppy chow will donate one pound of dog food to a shelter or a rescue in need.

So, go ahead, watch the heartwarming video yourself, then share it with your friends. Tell them to watch it three or four times themselves, and then share it with others that they know! The more views the more full tummies!

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