Dog With Broken Leg Approaches Rescuers, Then Leads Them Two Miles To Her Puppies

An abandoned greyhound dog named Vera showed did the unthinkable for her puppies. She walked two miles on a broken leg to save her ten pups. Everything happened around a market in southern Spain.

Vera’s front leg was broken, making every move very painful. Luckily, Lianne Powell saw her and took her to a vet.

greyhound dog

The veterinarian, Ellen Sobry, noticed that Vera was producing milk, so he found she had given birth within the past week.

After treating Vera’s broken leg, Ellen decided to put her on a leash and go outside to find her puppies.

greyhound dog

When they got outside, Vera started walking with purpose. Ellen and Lianne followed her because that was their only hope for finding the puppies.

“Clearly, we had a decision to make. If there were pups they would slowly starve to death unless we found them. We would need the greyhound’s help but we didn’t know if she would trust us enough to take us there,” Lianne told.

greyhound dog

Lianne and Ellen were right to trust Vera. She limped along on her broken leg for almost two miles, leading them towards an abandoned house. There was a broken car parked, and and inside the car they found ten puppies napping in the backseat.

All of the little pups were healthy and very excited to see their mom.

greyhound dog

“She led us to them, it was incredible – I couldn’t believe what I saw. That dog didn’t know us, we’d only met her like an hour before so it was really incredible how she decided to trust and show us where they were,” Ellen said.

Vera and her puppies are now recovering at Ellen’s clinic, Clinivet Turre, and both the mom and her pups are doing great. Vera is learning to trust humans again—she’s a little timid, but not too scared. Soon, this brave girl will be ready to join her new forever home.

greyhound dog

Ellen is working with Ibiza Hound Rescue to find the perfect homes for Vera and all ten of her puppies. Thanks to their amazing mother, these puppies have a great life ahead of them!

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