Dog Walker Filmed Abusing Dog, Could Face Up To Six Months In Jail

Some people are really hard, and they shouldn’t own a dog at all, they are downright callous and it makes my whiskers curl just the thought of what some few bad people do…

This is a story about one of those people, a dog walker who was filmed (well done who filmed it!) swinging their poor doggie by the lead, pulling him off the ground.

The RSPCA said:

“The video footage shows the man trying to kick the dog, hitting the dog and swinging the dog around by the lead.”

“It is very shocking to watch and is horrible to think what the little dog was going through.”

“Hopefully he wasn’t injured from this awful incident.”

In the not too distant future, animal abusers will be put in jail for up to five years, its just a case of the Environment Secretary Michael Gove publicly declaring that he was going to seriously clamp down on these vile attacks that were happening!

Currently, Britain has some of the most feeble punishments for animal abuse, with a maximum sentence of six months!!!

There are more and more attacks than ever and in excess of 1,100 people are imprisoned every year for animal cruelty, just a handful of these had the maximum sentence…

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