Dog Falls In a Well And Is Trapped There For An Entire Month. Finally, Rescuers Find Him Alive


In a remarkable feat of survival, a 7-year-old dog in Canada spent a month stuck at the bottom of a well, unable to move and completely deprived of food.

Bruno, a chocolate lab, went missing in September—his owner called him in for dinner, but he never appeared. His family tirelessly searched for him, but eventually gave up hope of ever seeing him again.
However, their hope was rekindled when another of their labs found Bruno while walking through some fields near their home. They were baffled to find Bruno in terrible condition at the bottom of an abandoned well, still alive and breathing.


Dr. Catherine Colodey, the veterinarian who examined Bruno, said she wasn’t sure he would survive.

“I’ll never forget what he looked like,” she told ABC News. “He looked like a skeleton with skin. He was caked in mud and his skin had deep rashes from standing in that murky, wet environment for so long.”

The poor dog was so weak he could hardly move or even open his eyes, and he was extremely malnourished and underweight.

According to Colodey, the only source of hydration Bruno had during his 27 days in the well was from snow that collected at the bottom. It wasn’t much, but it was what ultimately kept him alive.


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