Dog Euthanized Because Owner Refused To Treat Her Broken Leg For Over 9 Months

Meet Steven Ferguson, a cruel person from Paisley, Scotland who deserves his one way ticket to the Hall of Shame for what he did to his beautiful dog Keira. His dog suffered multiple fractures in her hind leg, but this man refused to do anything about it.

Even after a vet’s consultation. The 30 year old took his one year old Staffy – Border Collie mix to the vet where he was informed that she suffered a broken femur.

He was asked to return with the dog so they could treat her, but this reckless man never took her to the vet and let Keira suffer the tremendous pain however she possibly could. Despite the pain, Keira somehow managed to escape from Steven and was found dragging herself on the streets for over 9 months. Once rescued, she was immediately taken to the vet where they learned that a car had hit her and broken her femur.

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Image Credit: yousignanimals

Keira was in such pain and such bad state of health that the only thing possible was to humanely euthanize her… all because Steven was too busy treating her. Steven was charged with animal cruelty, but served no prison time. Instead he was handed out a 200-work community order, in addition to a ban on owning pets for five years. What kind of justice is this?

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