Dog Addicted To Heroin Is Finally Saved By This Kindhearted Vet!


Not deterred by the rejection and threats, Rezaie and his team hatched a plan to rescue the dog. “The next day we waited close by and watched for the owner to leave on his daily routine. We took Nesha when the owner wasn’t there,” he recalled.

Despite a successful rescue, their challenges were far from over; Nesha was suffering from intense drug addiction and then subsequent withdrawal.

“She was very weak and could not walk properly. She was so dependent on the drugs that she would bang her head against the wall if she didn’t get her ‘fix’,” Rezaie said. “She was also very dirty and extremely smelly.”

First, the Nowzad team gave Nesha a nice bath; which instantly made her more happy. “We put Nesha on a rehabilitation program and provided her with … a strong pain reliever, three times a day,” Rezaie said.


Nesha also had several untreated wounds that had become infected. Additionally, her hind legs were extremely weak from muscle wastage and she was unable to walk.

“We treated her wounds with antibiotics and gave her bone supplements to help strengthen her legs,” he explained; adding that the team had little hope that Nesha would regain full use of her legs to walk on her own again.


However, being the fighter that she is, Nesha not only kicked her addiction, but after months of daily wheelchair exercise. She was slowly able to recover her ability to walk again. “It was something we thought might not be possible. And were excited when it happened,” Rezaie added.

Months later, Nesha is still on an arduous road to recovery. “Although she is unable to walk ‘normally’. She is extremely mobile and manages to keep up with her buddies very well!” Surowinski said.


“We are currently looking for a loving, forever home for Nesha. Either in the UK or U.S.. There her needs will be met and she will receive the love and attention she deserves,”Surowinski added.

While she waits for her adoption, Nesha, an extremely affectionate animal, loves to play with the other rescue dogs at Nowzad.

“She absolutely loves people and relishes meeting anyone new and getting lots of cuddles and treats. She also really loves to play in the water, Rezaie said.

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