Dog Abandoned By Owner Because She’s Too Affectionate! Fortunately She Found Someone To Love Her Unconditional!

Did you ever ask yourself why people no longer want their animals? . One day someone came to Montgomery County Animal Shelter to abandon his dog because…“she always wants to be by my side.”

Jubileeis a Blue Heeler and Irish Setter mix was very friendly. The owner complained that she destroyed the baseboard and his sofa. He immediately filled the papers and closed the door, leaving the poor dog alone and scared.


Fortunately someone posted a photo of Jubilee being surrendered on Facebook. Outrage flooded the internet. He couldn’t understand how someone can abandon a dog for being too affectionate.

A lot of lovely persons contacted the shelter , interested to adopt Jubilee, so she found immediately a forever home!

Source: Huffington Post

Samantha Fewox, Jubilee’s new owner said this dog is the animal she ever wanted. She love playing with Fewox’s son and with another rescued dog named Abby.

Source: Huffington Post

Fewox said she is glad that the previous owner brought her to the shelter.

“I am so thankful he made the decision to do that or we would not have this sweet little dog in our life.”

Source: Huffington Post

Jubilee just wanted to her a human to love her. Now she has more!

For updates on Jubilee’s new life, you can follow her on Facebook. Their pictures are so cute!

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