Dog Abandoned A Corner With Garbage After Family Moved Out Is Looking For a New Home

Ollie is a loyal dog and he loved his family very much. But they left their home and abandoned him at the curb with the other things they didn’t want anymore. He waited for some time but they never returned. Fortunately, he was found by a loving rescue group.

The photos are very heartbreaking.  Since he was he had lost a bit of weight and a broken leg.

“He waited for his family to come back, and they didn’t want him.  They didn’t come back for him,” said Terri Looby from Detroit Animal Welfare Group.

Ollie’s family took their smaller pup with them and abandoned Ollie.  “They did come back for the little dog, and then left Ollie.”

Ollie will need a special medical attention so there will be other expenses . A You Caring page has been opened for him b, if you want to donate, click here.

It is not the first time this happen in Detroit this year.  Another dog – Boo went through a similar situation.

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