Curious Dog Was Rescued After He Got His Head Stuck In a Tire

Blaze was allowed by his human dad to run free on their 4-acre spread. The curious pup got stuck inside of a spare tire.

Blaze’s dad took him to the St. Francis Veterinary Hospital, and the doctors called on the Butte-Silver Bow Fire Department because they couldn’t handle this situation.

Zach Osborne and his partner Brian Doherty went to the animal hospital and were shocked to see the dog like this. Using a heavy machinery could hurt the poor pup.

Osborne decided to use coconut oil to free Blaze. He said:

“An ample amount of coconut oil was used to lube Blaze’s head, ears, and neck. Firefighter Osborne then pulled and squeezed the pup’s loose skin and ears, and eventually his head out of the wheel hole.”

After trying this method for a few minutes, firefighters were able to free Blaze from this ugly situation. After he was free, he let everyone know he appreciates their efforts.

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