Cruel Woman Abandoned And Neglected Her Dog, Judge Punishes Her To Spend 8 Hours In The Nastiest Dump !

Ohio – Judge Michael Cicconetti has a reputation for giving people abnormal and unusual sentencings. They are all perfectly justified, and the intent behind them is clear. The sentencings are just not what you normally see…

When a woman, who was guilty of animal abuse, walked into his courtroom, Judge Cicconetti knew exactly how he would like to “punish” her.


Alyssa Morrow left her dog, Moose, alone in her filthy home for a whole week without checking in on home. The pup grew scared after learning he was abandoned, and police eventually were called to rescue the dog. As a result of her lack of care, Alyssa was charged with animal cruelty.


Not only had Alyssa essentially left Moose to die, but his life with her was terrible. Alyssa was a notorious hoarder, and her home was not fit for anyone to live in.

Judge Cicconetti wanted Alyssa to feel exactly how Moose must have felt his whole life!


Alyssa pleaded guilty to animal cruelty, and she was supposed to spend 90 days in jail. However, Judge Cicconetti had another idea.

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