Couple Saves Kittens From Freezing Cold, Then Fights Hard For 20 Minutes To Bring Them Back To Life

This couple saved three small kittens found outside in the freezing cold. It took 20 minutes to bring them back to life.

Photo: StonemonkeyKing

The couple was outside their house, when they heard kitten cries on their neighbor’s pickup. They found 3 small kittens freezing in the cold.

They were abandoned in the pouring rain and their mother was nowhere.

“Just above freezing with no sign of mom, so I had to do something. I quickly grabbed the kittens and brought them inside, doing everything I could to keep them alive.StonemonkeyKing said

One of the kittens was cold and nearly dead.

Photo: StonemonkeyKing

“After about 20 minutes of snuggles and hugs, he cried for the first time. A major relief for me because I don’t want to lose one.”

Photo: StonemonkeyKing

“The kittens were finally dry and warm, but were still shaking. I turned a heating pad on low under the blanket and covered them up, some more snuggles and rubs, and they were up to an appropriate body temperature!”

Photo: StonemonkeyKing

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