Couple Refuse To Give Up on This Paralyzed Cat Even Thought Everyone Told Them To

A Persian cat was found on the street dragging his back two legs in a city of Egypt. When a kind woman found him, she took him in and began to seek help.

Meet Lieutenant Dan!

“Lt. Dan was found by an animal rescuer, Manar, in Egypt. She quickly reached out to everyone on Facebook and her post caught my eye,” Athina, fosterer of JerseyCats, said.

“I knew there was something we could do so Lt. Dan came to the United States.”

First two vets had very little hope and recommended euthanasia but that was not an option for Athina. “I knew I couldn’t do that because Lt. Dan was just a purring kitten.”

Despite not being able to walk, the kitty was in good spirits and just kept on purring. “He didn’t know any different, all he wanted to do was play and cuddle.”

Courtesy: @rukasthecat

Knowing the kitty wasn’t suffering, Athina found a neurologist, Dr. Farabaugh from Oradell Animal Hospital, who would perform surgery to stabilize his spine.

Lt. Dan got a fighting chance to walk again!

Courtesy: @rukasthecat

During physical therapy, he was eager to play. A bit of treats made him a very happy kitty!

Watch the therapy video below:

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