Cops Find a Dog With a 46-Pound Tumor Walking On The Beach. Later They Discovered Why

The Newport Beach Police Department discovered a dog walking alone on the beach. They thought he might be lost, but when they approached him they had a massive surprise. The dog had a huge tumor that was slowing him down.


They decided to take him to the Newport Beach Animal Hospital to see if they can do something to remove this tumour. They found that the tumor weighed 46 pounds. They found an expert to help Henry. He got a lot of donations from kind people!


“Most vets that we’ve asked and have been involved in his story have never seen [a tumor] that big. He has so much love and life to live that we wanted to give him a second chance,” Valerie Schomburg from Newport Beach Police Department, said.

Henry is 7 or 8 years old and police is searching the owner and charge him with animals neglect.

Sherri Haughton is the name of the owner. He was found and charged. Now Henry is waiting to be adopted! Henry has become a little celebrity in his community and is proof that all dogs are worth time and care. The young dog is stronger and healthier than ever and will be living a long life in a happy home!


Watch the full video below!

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