Cat Without Rear Legs Won’t Let Anything Slow Him Down And Is An Inspiration For Everyone!

Magic is a very special kitty with no back legs, but this won’t stop him to do the same activities like a normal cat!

Friends Of Felines Rescue Center

Magic came to Friends Of Felines Rescue Center in Defiance, Ohio when he was six weeks old.

Jacci Moss, Director of FFRC said:

“He had been at a rescue but due to his severe leg deformities, FFRC was asked to help him. We drove down to get him and returned already in love with this little boy.”

Jacci took care of him. “He was bottle fed, tested, wormed, vet checked.”

Friends Of Felines Rescue Center

“Magic’s rear legs were so deformed, they looked like a pretzel which caused him a lot of trouble when he had to potty,” Jacci said.

Vets decided remove his back legs and the tail . “He went from having to handle those rear legs that caused him pain to a zooming kitten.”

Friends Of Felines Rescue Center

Magic met Trucker, another cat like him with just two front legged. They became the best buddies and do everything together. “There is a real connection between these two cats.”

Friends Of Felines Rescue Center

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