Cat Owner Sentenced To 54 Days In Jail Because He Has Too Many Cats

A kind man from Quebec  promising to keep his six felines, regardless of the fact that he was sent to prison after breaking a regional law that says he’s permitted to have only one kitty at a time.

Sylvain Brunette, a 54-year-old man, spent 4 days in Quebec’s largest local prison this month after he rejected the court ordered to pay over $1,000 fines for having too many cats.

5 cats – too many cats?

He never had problems with law until he moved to Franklin, Quebec, a small city of 1,700 inhabitants close to Montreal.

Five years ago, Brunette rented a small house in the municipality, where he moved with his 6 , in that time 10-year-old cats. All the felines were neutered. At first 3 cats used to spent time outside, but quickly after moving there, he decided to keep them all inside the home.

He add that he is caring very well for his cats, and that he’s been an animal lover since he was a little kid.

When he moved at this place, he immediately informed  his close neighbor that he had the felines, and asked him to tell him immediately if they annoyed the neighbor in any way.

In that moment he found out that the city should have known he had more than one kitty. In Franklin, residents can keep for only one kitty. In the past 3 years, Brunette had 3 fines — total $1,208 — for having too many felines and for feeding the poor stray cats.

Cat Sentenced To 54 Days In Jail For Having TOO Many Cats

He never paid the fines. He is on social assistance, and finds the fines pointless. This fines are very stupid He was sentenced to 54 days in jail for not paying his fines.

He lived with his felines  until November 6, when 3 policemen showed up at his house and carried him to Bordeaux Prison.

‘I was frightened for my life. These were bad guys.’- Sylvain Brunette

Brunette spent four days in jail with other criminals. His family collected $1,409 to pay for his bail. He wants to pay them back, slowly, over time.

Brunette is finally back at his house but he stays on the fact that he will continue caring for his cats, and never give up from them, who are now 16 years old.

“I did everything of this because I love my furry buddies. I don’t want to get rid of them,” he said.

Mayor unaware of case

When CBC News reporters contact the mayor of Franklin, Suzanne Yelle Blair, she said that she never heard of this problematic case.

She said the village used to have issues with stray animals in the past, and that’s why the law was introduced.

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