This kitty decided to show up on his porch one day and walk right in when a delivery man opened the door. She chose him right away, and little did he know that she had company.


“This is Sandwich, she decided to live with me a few months ago,” imgur user BoogiesOogie said. “She jumped on my porch when Jimmy Johns delivered (thus her name), and wouldn’t leave.”

He decided to take the kitty to the vet after he realized that this cat was now his (or that this cat now chose him!). They found out that she had several nuggest inside waiting to arrive. “I decided I would help her out and let her live rent free in my house, and on Tuesday she did the thing!”

Sandwich gave birth to 6 tiny furballs.


Once a bachelor, this man was now a family of eight.

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Cat Invades Man’s Home And Convinces Him To Adopt Her. But She Didn’t Come Alone – ViralAbout