Cat Abandoned On Street Corner With His Litter Box

Somebody dumped a 1-year-old tuxedo cat—along with his litter box and other cat supplies—on a street corner in Brooklyn, New York. He was left all by himself on Norstrand Avenue, crying for his human to come back.

The Flatbush Area Team for Cats‘ (FAT Cats) shared a photo of the heartrending display on their Facebook page, asking the community to pitch in and help trap the cat—who had disappeared soon after being spotted when he was scared away by a street cleaner.

“We are a very close-knit community and people often post if they see an animal distressed or in need of assistance,” Elizabeth Champ, one of the founders of FAT Cats, a Brooklyn-based group of trap, neuter and return advocates, said.

Champ said that as soon as she heard about Nostrand, she immediately went on the hunt for him, as did many other neighborhood residents.

“We would like to thank our neighbors, many of whom took time out of their day to look for this poor cat,” FAT Cats wrote on Facebook last Wednesday, the same day his photo was posted on Facebook. “Due to today’s heat and the amount of construction and noise on Nostrand Ave. today, it’s our belief that he is hiding somewhere until things get quieter and cooler.”

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