As the craze over Pokemon Go continues to sweep across the country, we’re all falling under the augmented-reality game’s spell. Apparently, however, humans aren’t the only ones being bewitched…

Though the Pokemon don’t actually exist outside of your iPhone’s screen, some players are reporting that their pets might have some sort of real-life cheat code that lets them see the Pokemon. Once you see their evidence, you might just find yourself becoming a believer!

1. Even the cat knows Goldeen is useless.


Twitter / masaiai6

2. Not another Pidgey.


Twitter / plmn_1226

3. “Whoa, Tim. There is something on my head.”


 Twitter / F0506K

4. “Yep. Another Pidgey.”


 Twitter / ThirtyandNerdy

5. Radish be interrupting naps.


 Twitter / Haruo0414
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Can Pets Actually See Pokemon In Real Life? These Photos Might Be Proof That They Can – ViralAbout