Brave Fireman Rescues Burned Cat, Then Helps Him Recover His Health

“He put his paws up on me and climbed onto my shoulder as if to say, I choose you.I knew right then it was meant to be.”

Lieutenant Stephen Paslawski, a Philadelphia firefighter said this after adopting a burned cat named Campbell.

Lt. Paslawski recently lost of his 15 years old cat, so he decided to adopt a new cat. Campbell was recovering from multiple surgeries after he wasburned on more than 60% of his body, after two men  set him on fire.

Those 2 men who set Campbell on fire were accused of animal abuse, and are currently sentenced 2 years in prison.

Paslawski contacted PSPCA to adopt Campbell after hearing the tragic story on the news.

 “I was disgusted that anyone could do this to any animal. I had recently put down another cat due to a large tumor, and with me being a firefighter and Campbell being burned, it just seemed like a perfect fit,” Paslawski said.

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