Brave Cop Smashes Window To Rescue Seven Dogs Trapped In A 100 Degree Car With No Water

Seven dogs were trapped in a car for two whole days with no food or water. It was 100 degrees Fahrenheit inside the car, and their owner was nowhere in sight.

A cop took notice and knew she had to help them right away. The first thing she did was try to give them some water. He put a plastic bag through the top crack of the window and poured water through a little tube, but she knew that they needed to be helped much quicker than that.

Without hesitation, she took her police baton and smashed it against the window, shattering it to pieces. Then she carried each dog out of the window one by one. The dogs looked relieved to be safe, and they’re lucky that they even survived that long in the scorching hot car.

Each of the dogs got adopted into loving forever homes. They never have to worry about being treated poorly like that ever again!

And remember, it is never okay to leave a dog in a hot car, especially in the summer!

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Cop Smashes Car Window To Rescue 7 Trapped DogsThis cop tried everything to rescue these 7 trapped dogs – and then smashed a window.

Posted by The Dodo on Tuesday, 22 November 2016

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