Let’s start telling the story of Gina the boxer who had a difficult life from beginning. She survived an abusive family and thanks to a kind woman, Mary, she was rescued when she was three years old.

Eight years later she would save a family too. She was walking out, then Gina spotted a tabby cat in a garbage and next to her were four kittens.

She tried to pull Mary until she led her to the spot where Lucy and her babies were.

OrphanPet Gr shares the story. That day Lucy and her kittens were brought to home and also the senior Boxer couldn’t be more happier to have a family more.

They now live together and Gina stayed by their side making sure that everybody is safe. Gina loves to help Lucy in looking after her babies, so Lucy would take a break.

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Boxer Became Hero After Saving Cat Mom And Her Babies – ViralAbout