Almost Dead Dog Enjoys His Very Last Warm Bath

Rudy the dog isn’t just lounging around a nice warm lavender-infused tub, being fed one biscuit after another, just because he a lucky dog, or even for the fun of it. As Courtney Bellew, director of the Northeast chapter of Special Needs Animal Rescue Rehabilitation (SNARR) explained, the baths, which help heal and soothe his skin, are a crucial “medical necessity”.

SNARR is a group that cares for animals who are in really tough shape. Animals who are in desperate need of any possible help, just like the kind of help Rudy needed when they first found him.

Rudy absolutely loves his tubby time and clearly the attention that comes along with it. He loves getting spoiled and pampered,” Bellew says.

Rudy has not always been such a lucky dog. As a matter of fact, for folks at SNARR, who are used to seeing badly injured animals, Rudy is an especially hard case.

SNARR’s motto is “Giving Hope To The Hopeless”

When the poor dog was first brought to a New York City Shelter, he was emaciated, and nearly hairless. He was completely covered in feces and dirt. Gaping wounds were all over his body that Bellew thinks are the result of some kind of battery acid. Rudy also suffered a broken front leg.

As soon as Rudy arrived at the shelter, the staff called Bellew stating that the dog has to be taken to the vet by a rescue group as soon as possible or he wouldn’t be able to make it and survive.

The dog’s emotional state was in bad shape, just as his physical one.

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