Abused Senior Shepherd Tossed Out of Moving Car, Found His Forever Home

Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue found about Anastasia, after a man spotted her on the side of the road.

Anastasia was a frail looking pup and rescuers believe she was pushed out of a moving car by his owner. Jennifer Quesenberry, co-founder of the rescue organization said,

“They said she was shivering, and hopped right into their car. Considering the fact that she hopped right into the finder’s car, I’m going to assume that no one has ever stopped to try to help her.”

Anastasia’s had wounds all over her body that were infested with maggots, mild mange, overgrown claws, and one gashing wound to her hind leg.

Quesenberry continues,

“She’s the most gentle and trusting soul. I’m blown away by this girl. She is skin and bones, completely emaciated. The theory is she was neglected and then recently tossed from a car. They have pulled gravel from her wounds. She is covered in open wounds all over her body.  Possibly abused by a man, as she’s more trusting with women.”

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