Abused Cat Rescued From Drug House Is Now An Adorable Buddy

Brink – was rescued from a drug house after being abused for a long time. He found a loving home now and looks very happy.

brink the cat 1
Credit: Silveeto“This was just after I rescued him from a crack shack in a neighbouring city. Most adorable little snuggle bum I ever met. He’s 5 now, and still my best little buddy,”
Silveeto possted on reddit.

“I believe he may have been either hit or kicked though before I rescued him because he had some very odd defensive body language when you’d approach him. It took almost a couple years but he doesn’t wince or shy away when you try to pet him anymore. Loves being cradled like a baby and loves belly rubs.”

brink the cat 2
Credit: Silveeto

“Previous owners got busted running a meth lab, he was about 9months old. He got displaced to a relatives house after the meth lab raid and she reached out online looking for a home. I just happened to be looking to adopt a kitty to keep my old senior cat (18yrs old) company. So now they’re buddies, happy and healthy.”

He became an adorable buddy!

brink 3
Credit: Silveeto

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