Abandoned Pit Bull Mom And Her 10 Newborn Puppies Find A Happy Home


The shelter was happy to house them, but nervous about how they would be able to foster such a huge family altogether.

Eleven mouths to feed is difficult to handle for most foster families. But separating the puppies from their mom at such a young age could be detrimental to their health and happiness.


Fortunately, puppies were able to find a foster dad who was thrilled to take on the new family.

He squared away a spot for the mom to stay snuggly. And warm with her babies while they nursed and grew.


The Abandoned Pit Bull mom had an incredibly sweet disposition according the shelter staff.

Though she had been abandoned to brave the city alone with her babies. She remained completely friendly and even let them gently handle her newborns.


The family is expected to live with their doting foster father for the next several months. Until Puppies able to be separated and adopted to new nurturing households.

Until then, their stand-in dad has had a blast sharing their adorable photos with friends on social media.


The mother’s devotion to her litter proves that when family sticks by each other, they can overcome any adversity.

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