This is the story about an abandoned doggie named Ralph! The family that decided to take Ralph in as a foster dog (their first) found out that Ralph had been dumped at a service station. He had been sleeping beside the gas pumps.

The non-profit organization, known as Sidewalk Specials, took Ralph in and were required to keep him for 14 days, before they could place him in a foster home, just in case his owners came looking for him. That never happened!

Before Ralph was sent home with his foster family, they were given a little information about the dog that they were welcoming into their lives. The family was told that Ralph was the chilled out type, very laid back, and they were absolutely right!

Ralph was vetted before the family took him home with them, which basically means that the pooch was brought up-to-date on his shots and dewormed.

And evidently Ralph was so chill, that he actually managed to fall asleep during his exam. LOL!

In the beginning, Ralph’s foster mom had concerns about bringing a rescue dog into her family’s home, worries about her daughter and how Ralph might react toward her. But she soon realized that her worries were for nothing.

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She thought that perhaps a rescue dog would take a lot of work to maintain, but Ralph was as low maintenance as they come. And what about all that responsibility?

Well, Ralph’s foster sister couldn’t have been more helpful when it came to taking care of him, even though she was quite small. She enjoyed feeding Ralph and did so with a happy heart.

And this is where life got hard! Because Ralph’s foster mom never intended to adopt the very first foster that she took into her home. But…that was before Ralph came along! Ralph proved to his foster mom that indeed, ‘the dog chooses you!’

And how could she argue with that?! Ralph was ADOPTED and now lives with a beautiful family that loves and cares about him! And isn’t that what all dogs want? It isn’t asking much!

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Abandoned At A Gas Station, This Dog Was Placed In A Foster Home, But They Never Expected This To Happen! – ViralAbout