A Brave Little Dog Gets Rescued From The River. His Recovery Will Inspire You

This video may break your heart at first. But we promise, this one has a beautiful ending. Hope for Paws received an emergency call about a puppy in the L.A. river. According to an eyewitness, the poor pup had been brutalized and thrown 30 feet into the canal. When they got to the area, they immediately spotted the pup.

He was scared and he was in a very horrible condition. Watching him in so much pain brought tears to my eyes. Someone had literally cut off his foot! So before you watch the video, be sure to have some tissues handy. You will cry some more when you see how brave this puppy is!

At the end of the video, I was literally weeping! How could anyone do such a cruel thing to this poor defenseless puppy?!

But Jordan is so brave! With the help of the people and the other dogs who support and love him, he was able to recover from that horrible ordeal. Jordan may have lost his leg, but he never lost hope.

If you’re interested in adopting Jordan, visit http://www.hopeforpaws.org/

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