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    Man Selling Pit Bull Puppies For Dog Fighting Was Exposed After a Facebook Post!

    The Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue group is absolutely incredible; the work they do is astounding and they’ve saved so many lives.

    An extremely disturbing Facebook post was put up recently and local animal advocates were outraged.They contacted Sumpter immediately in hopes that she could help. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

    A man went to Facebook and posted that he was selling two Pit Bull puppies. In the photo that accompanied the ad — he was apathetically holding the two pups by the scruff of their necks.


    Obviously, people who saw the horrific comment began to verbally attack the seller of the puppies. Thankfully, Sumpter was shown the post and she was determined to get those puppies out of his, or any other abuser’s, hands.

    “We immediately were like ‘we need to save these puppies.   

    However, the seller had no idea that they were from a rescue organization. “We are not going to lecture them.”Sumpter explains. “We are not going to ask them why they posted.”



    Well said, Sumpter. 




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    Senior Dog Who Spent 8 Years In a Cage Has Hundreds Of Toys Now!

    When a senior dog now named JoJo went up for adoption at the end of last year; he left a truly terrible past behind him.

    “When he was a puppy, JoJo’s ‘family’ had cut his ears off with scissors,” said Nicole Bruck; founder of Animals R Family, the group that ended up rescuing senior dog JoJo years later. “We cannot even imagine the excruciating pain that must have caused him.”

    The family then dumped senior dog JoJo at a rural facility for dogs when he was just 7 months old.

    “Sadly, he languished there for the next eight years; living in a cage in a windowless warehouse,” Bruck said. “There was no water in his cage, no blanket, no towel, nothing … just the hard ground.”

    senior dog

    It’s hard to believe JoJo would ever be able to feel joy again — but somehow his spirit was never broken.

    “We rescued him at the age of 9 years,” Bruck said. “His eight years of harsh prison life did nothing to dent his personality or his charm.”

    senior dog

    When Animals R Family brought JoJo to a Best Friends Super Adoption Event in New York City last December; Kevin and Leann Karcher happened to be there with their son, Jordan.

    Jordan started a company that was a vendor at the adoption event; Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co., which donates 20 percent of proceeds to no-kill shelters.

    senior dog

    And that’s when Kevin and Leann saw JoJo. “Jordan got us involved and when we learned of JoJo’s sad story and realized there was little chance he would be adopted we decided to help,” said Kevin Karcher.

    “We wanted to pack as much life and affection into JoJo’s remaining years as possible.”

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    Pit Bull Chained In Yard His Whole Life Is Learning To Trust People Again!

    At 9-years-old, Nereus the Pit Bull had spent almost his entire life chained in a cluttered backyard. He was only brought inside every now and again; and if he was, he was put in the basement. His life was anything but happy, safe, or loving.

    Nereus’s owner neglected him and let him sleep outside in a crate while chained; he was left to fend entirely for himself. Sadly — the neglected Pittie injured his legs two years ago and never even received medical attention.

    A woman in the neighborhood noticed the Pit Bull limping and couldn’t believe his conditions; she alerted New York’s Bully Crew immediately. She was desperately hoping that someone could come and rescue this poor dog.

    When the volunteers showed up, they knew they had to act right away — they had no idea how long Nereus had been chained in such a horrific environment. One of the rescuers decided to ask the owner to surrender the dog blatantly.

    Pit Bull

    With the help of a local police officer, they went up to the owner’s house and asked for the dog. Not wanting to get in trouble with the law, the man agreed.

    They quickly went to unchain the Pit Bull; they were elated that they were removing the poor pup from such a sad way of life. But it was when they got to the car — they realized that something wasn’t quite right.

    Pit Bull

    “He was distant; it wasn’t like the usual excitement of being rescued,” Craig Fields, founder of New York Bully Crew, told a fellow website. “He just wasn’t used to physical touch, and he had no desire for human attention.”

    The 9-year-old dog had lived a life of isolation and neglect for so long that he had no idea how to react or respond to human love and attention. It was evident he had a long way to go.

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    RIP Nutmeg! World’s Oldest Cat Dies At The Age Of 32!

    The world’s oldest cat has finally used up the last of his nine lives – passing away at the incredible age of 32. Nutmeg the long-lived feline came down with breathing difficulties at the end of August, but vets were unable to save him after he suffered heart failure and he was put to sleep in early September.

    Heartbroken owners Liz and Ian Finlay say the death of their beloved moggy has left a massive hole in their lives. The couple adopted Nutmeg after finding him in their Tyneside garden in 1990.

    They took him to Cats Protection, where vets told them he was at least five, making him 32 when he died. Nutmeg was in a bad way when he arrived in the Finlay’s garden and was suffering from a nasty abscess on his neck.

    Liz and Ian managed to coax him into their home with food, before taking him to Cats Protection, who said they could keep the stray as they thought he had been abandoned.

    Ian said: “He was checked over by Cat Protection, who said the condition of his teeth made him at least five years old and we owned him for 27 years.

    “He knew where he was going to be well off and he particularly loved my wife. He was not our cat – we were his humans and he never let us forget that. I think that was the secret to his long life.”

    Until his death, he was thought to be the oldest cat in the world, taking the crown of 26-year-old Corduroy, the Guinness World Record holder .

    The Finlay’s tried in vain to find a record and took Nutmeg to the Cats Protection in 1990 to verify their claim.

    Nutmeg kept outliving all of his nine lives and underwent lifesaving treatment at Westway’s main veterinary hospital on West Road, Newcastle, after suffering a stroke in 2015.

    The moggy marvel battled back to health, but had to be put to sleep following his latest illness, leaving his owners distraught.

    Liz said: “I feel like my heart has been ripped out. He is such a miss as he was a huge character, who was dearly loved.”

    RIP sweet Nutmeg! You are an angel now! SHARE this story and keep Nutmeg in your prayers!

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    Neglected Dog Can’t Believe She Got a Real Bed And a New Life!

    A 14-year-old dog named Emma had been kept outside her whole life before her owners dumped her at a shelter in North Carolina. She was days from being put down, when something incredible happened.

    An animal rescue organization in Connecticut, Animals R Family, raised the money to save her, and a pilot flew her to safety. She was given the first dog bed she ever had in her life, along with a lot of donated toys.

    Emma still doesn’t seem to believe that she deserves all this love.

    neglected dog

    “On one of the first nights she did a very sad thing,” Nicole Bruck, founder of Animals R Family, told The Dodo. “She went out for her late-night before-bed toilet break. After she had gone to the toilet, she walked under the deck. She scratched around in a dirt hole, lay down in it and closed her eyes. It made me cry.”

    Bruck realized that for all 14 years of her life, Emma had slept in a dirt hole. “She was not expecting anything more or anything better,” Bruck said.

    neglected dog

    “I led her back into the house and put her on her bed and told her; with tears in my eyes, that she would never, ever, ever sleep in a dirt hole again.”

    Even though she’s safe now, the years Emma was neglected dog have really taken a toll on her health. So she’s undergoing a lot of medical treatment to get her healthy again.

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    Elderly Homeless Dog On Verge Of Death Abandoned Outside Shelter, Gets Second Chance At Life

    Everyone fears their dog will eventually end up with fleas, some people put endless amounts of preventive medicine on their pets. Unfortunately, dogs who don’t have a home and live on the streets are more susceptible to the tiny parasites, and this fourteen year old pup is far worse than any typical case of the fleas.

    The fourteen year old terrier, Rascal, was dropped off at the Nanaimo SPCA on Vancouver Island and seemed to be covered in dirt. When the veterinarians took a closer look, they saw that the “dirt” was actually a very severe infestation of fleas.

    Ken Langelier, a veterinarian at the Island Veterinarian Hospital said the pup had “the most fleas I’ve seen and I’ve been in practice for almost 40 years”. The poor dog was suffering so much, his normally pink gums were drained to white. Langelier believes “the stars were aligned to help this dog.”

    When the staff at the clinic gave the dog a fresh bath, they were surprised to see copper-colored water coming from the dog’s fur. Langelier explained, “When the fleas drink the blood and they go to the bathroom, they’re basically excreting digested blood,” he added, “basically you’re seeing a sea of blood.”

    After evaluating the dog’s condition, the Island Veterinarian Hospital was given the choice to either put the dog down or give the dog an emergency blood transfusion.

    Langelier was not letting that dog be put to rest. He said, “I looked at this dog and said, ‘You’re not dying on my watch, baby’.”

    They needed blood fast before it became too late for the dog. Luckily, an employee from the hospital had a pet German shepherd who was a universal doggy blood donor. The German shepherd was brought immediately to the clinic where it provided the blood needed to save Rascal’s life.

    After hours worth of surgery and 400 milliliters of blood and many many baths, Rascal is back and better than ever with full strength and living flea-free! But the story doesn’t end there, the SPCA’s animal cruelty investigators are working to find who brought Rascal in so they can be faces with the consequences.

    It is believed that Rascal had been suffering the flea bites for a prolonged time but could have been completely preventable. If they do find Rascal’s previous owner, they could be faced with criminal charges.

    On a brighter note, Rascal was able to meet the other pup who ultimately saved his life. The small terrier and the German shepherd were able to play together and the staff at the clinic revealed that Rascal should be making a full recovery! After he is back to his perfectly normal self, Rascal will be put up for adoption to hopefully find a much better, more loving forever home!

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    Young Girl Was Filmed Throwing Helpless Cat In Trash And Starts a Wave Of Hate Online

    A 12-year-old girl from Hull, England, turned herself into the police after CCTV images of her throwing a cat in a bin spread online at the end of August.

    Source: YouTube

    A woman living in the area, Jean Atkinson, 68, alerted the authorities after her video surveillance equipment captured the incident. She had installed it after having trouble with local youths, but said that she’d never expected to see something like this.

    Source: YouTube

    After throwing the helpless feline into the bin, the girl is shown putting a bin bag on top, presumably to make sure that it couldn’t escape. Further footage shows her returning to the trash can several times to check that the cat was still inside. As soon as she saw what she had captured, Atkinson contacted the RSPCA (Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), equivalent to the SPCA in the U.S.

    After being released online, the video provoked outrage from animal lovers worldwide.

    According to reports, after seeing the widely-spread footage on the internet, the mother of the girl recognized her daughter and brought her to the local police station.

    We will be conducting an investigation into the incident as causing unnecessary suffering to an animal under Section 4.1 and Section 4.2 of the Animal Welfare Act 2006. We will be speaking to the 12-year-old girl about the incident and establish the best course of action. We want to thank the mother for accompanying her daughter into the police station, she has acted very responsibly.

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    Injured Dog And Sick Kitten Comforting Each Other At The Vet Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes!

    Two animals recently came into a shelter in Kentucky with very uncertain futures, an 8-month-old dog and a 4-week-old kitten. An 8-month-old dog now named King was in bad shape, limping because his leg had been broken months earlier and had never been mended.

    “His left femur was shattered, and X-rays indicated that the leg could not be repaired,”Beth Haendiges, a spokesperson for the Kentucky Humane Society (KHS) told The Dodo. “Veterinarians recommended the leg be amputated.”

    So King underwent surgery with the KHS veterinary team. This week he was recovering in his crate when something very sweet happened.

    Laila is a 4-week-old kitten who arrived at KHS with symptoms of severe anemia. “She was extremely weak and unable to eat on her own,” Haendiges said. “But this little girl is a fighter.”


    King and Laila, who was being treated by devoted vet staff all through the day and night to save her life, were recovering in the same room.

    “Both of these little patients were crying and meowing for attention. So we put them together,” KHS veterinary staff wrote on Facebook. “They just didn’t want to be alone.”

    Given the opportunity, Laila immediately curled up next to King’s head. “It worked wonders,” Haendiges said, “calming them both and letting them relax and rest.”

    “The next morning, King was a very happy dog, and Laila was following him around,” Haendiges added. “They appear to find comfort in each other.”

    By Friday, both King and Laila were feeling much better. “We hope that we can give them the opportunity to be adopted together,” Haendiges said.

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    Poor Was So Sick He Couldn’t Stand, Makes Unbelievable Recovery After Vets Step In!

    It’s always inspiring to read stories of dogs who recover from a terrible life. Imagining what they’ve gone through not only physically, but psychologically can leave us all touched.

    These rescue dogs fight to get a second chance at a happy life. Some get that opportunity, but others, sadly, don’t.

    One of these many stories is about a dog named Merlin. And like the wizard, his transformation from down-and-out to happy and healthy is truly magical.

    Veterinarians saved Merlin from the brink of death; he was nicknamed the saddest dog in the world because when he was rescued from a field, he couldn’t stand. Fleas, mange, and lesions covered his entire body. Patches of the dog’s hair fell off in clumps. Parasites feasted on Merlin’s system. Malnourishment caused him to be so weak he couldn’t stand or walk.

    Merlin wasn’t just physically damaged. It seemed like he’d given up the will to live in his soul. What was Merlin’s life like before his abandonment?

    Did he have a happy home at one time with people who loved him or at least whom he adored? It’s difficult to say. Dogs are, by nature, loyal creatures.

    Honey Bear is a dog who was in a similarly desperate situation as Merlin. With the love and attentiveness of staff and volunteers, both Merlin and Honey Bear made full recoveries.

    Merlin’s recuperation is incredible; he went from a dog who couldn’t stand to a pooch running around and playing with other animals.

    He’s emotionally stable and ready to find a forever home. Like many dogs who came before him, Merlin found the strength to fight back and find his happy doggie spirit once more.


    I won’t be the same the next time I visit an animal shelter. I’ll appreciate each and every one of those sweet animals needing new homes.

    Though they’re happy and well-adjusted now, I don’t know what horrific situation they came from; how hard they must have fought to overcome their obstacles to reach the point of finding a new loving owner.

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    Dog Owners Who Abandoned Dogs Chained To Trees Or Cars In Hurricane Will Be Charged With Animal Cruelty!

    The dog owners who abandoned their dogs to fend for themselves during Hurricane Irma could be prosecuted. Nearly 50 dogs were chained to trees or cars; as their families evacuated their homes during the hurricane that hit Florida.

    Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control was inundated with calls telling them that evacuating dog owners had left their dogs chained up, WPTV reports. Animal Control officers are said to have rescued 49 dogs over the past two days alone. They said dogs were not only chained, but some were left in pens or inside their homes.

    Director of Animal Care Diane Suave told WPTV, “They are left in a yard; in a pen they cannot escape from or tethered to trees or poles.”

    Suave also added, “There is absolutely no excuse for doing that.” News crews were on hand as Animal Control saved several dogs chained up and in high water.

    It is illegal in that Florida County to leave a dog chained up without an owner present. Given the hurricane, it’s considered felony animal abuse to leave dogs behind and state prosecutors have said they will track down neglectful owners and prosecute.

    “We will find you, and we will prosecute you,” said Dave Aronberg; the state prosecutor for Palm Beach County in Florida.

    Meanwhile the Palm Beach animal shelter is quickly becoming overcrowded and they need help emptying the shelter.

    They said that in addition to the dogs they have rescued and brought back to the shelter; 42 dogs have also been surrendered by their owners in one day; after people said they could not take them as they evacuated.

    The shelter is asking dog owners to slow down and consider their actions. They are also asking for help with the 100 plus dogs they have at the shelter who need adoption or fostering.

    The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) has rescued up to 600 animals in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina in the aftermath of Irma.

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