87-Year-Old Veteran Prosecuted And Forced To Leave His House Every Day For 17 Years To Feed Stray Cats

After reading this story you will wonder what is wrong with this world. Bill Richardson is an 87-year-old veteran and he loved cats his whole life. He decided to take care of the cats in his neighborhood and give them food, shelter, and love.

man prosecuted
Credit: Lucy Noland FOX 29

For about 17 years Richardson was forced to leave his house to feed the cats. Then Berlin Township, New Jersey decided to send taxpayer money and prosecute Richardson just for this reason.Also they charged Richardson with having an unlicensed cat in his house.

man prosecuted
Image Credit: Lucy Noland FOX 2

Richardson has no family, just a local attorney, Theresa Grabowski volunteered to sustain him. Alos, people from Richardons around the world contacted him to sustain his efforts. A fundraiser was started for his cats by Rescue Dogs Rock Animal Rescue.

man prosecuted
Image Credit: Lucy Noland FOX 29

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